Guatemala City, Guatemala

Located in the dense and cold climate on a mountain range, on the outskirts of Guatemala City. This two story residence of 550m2 lays out in a sloped terrain that enables us to incorporate different entry levels and high ceilings. It has 3 bedrooms, all with balconies that open up to the rich guatemalan forest, each with its own complete bathroom and walk-in closet.



Distinguished by the location and customer segment. The location provides a diversity of entertainment, restaurants and offices. Additionally, traffic in Guatemala is an eye opening problem which is  increasing daily. The apartments offer bike parking on the first level as an amenity promoting urban life and decreasing the use of the car. 

The customer segment are young and motivated people in the age range of 25 - 40 years old who currently live near the zone. People who have stable jobs and are looking to save money for their future and that is what these apartments offer. 

The apartment sizes range from 65m2 to 90m2 and from 1 bedroom to 2 bedroom and lofts are also available.  

Zona 10, 13th Street, Guatemala City, Guatemala



Nominated best project 2016

Belonging to the Enlace 9 Expo Center the Arena is located in the corner for La Castellana and 6 Avenue. It has a capacity of 20,000  spectators plus its versatile interior makes it a great place for: 





The form and function revolves around the monuments that surround Guatemala City with interior ramps that guide de visitors to their seating area and see - through facade made from perforated aluminum panels.

Parque de la Industria, Guatemala City, Guatemala



3rd place international competition
Las Glorias Park, Barcelona

A contemporary interpretation of the unique gothic architecture found in Barcelona. The conception of the essential gothic architecture of Barcelona represented in three sculptural volumes. Together they become a pure geometric form, which is broken by Barcelona's characteristic diagonals integrating the urban life with the archive and the proposed Les Glories Park. The volumes crete an intimate passage that converge into a mind-bending space that leads the visitors to the grand entrance. Finally, the design becomes an interpretation of the distinctive gothic vault.

In collaboration  with:

Leslie Alfaro

Estefania Miralles

Brandon Robles

Premio Danta (Bienal de Arquitectura)



An urban intervention executed by a group fresh young minds that enables them to learn from each other and engage in entrepreneurship as creative individuals. Each built installation reflects the high level of combined education and experimentation of the young interns, each with their own backgrounds and diverse interests and expertise.

Together the architecture firm Taller 'Ken' and FUNdaMENTAL group constructed a new entrance to the Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias granting an outdoor public plaza shelter by a huge colorful canopy that hangs from a 30 meter wall to the wooden structure. 

In collaboration with:

Taller 'Ken'

& part of the FUNdaMENTAL team

Plaza la Herradura, Guatemala City Zone 1, Guatemala



Located in the heart of Guatemala City, the new Italian Cultural Institute becomes a new memory for the citizens. Like Aldo Rossi said " One can say that the city itself is  a collection of memories associated with objects and places". The new Institute form becomes iconic with the use of double height ceilings, a sunken plaza and a  cantilever above it. 

Having a small terrain and diverse program the institute packs two event areas, nine classrooms a library, auditorium and plaza. 

Corner of 3rd street & 16th avenue, Guatemala City Zone 10, Guatemala